Wild West Salsa Competition – Year 2

May 15, 2011 by

It was that time of year again for the Carlsbad Wild West Fest and time to make some salsa for the salsa competition.


And so I whipped up some TrulySimple salsa and it was pretty darn tasty.


First thing, I headed out to the garden to grab some ingredients.  Here are some chives


My garlic is AWESOME.  First time I’ve harvested it, and it is SO fresh and garlic-y


My cilantro rules.  I love growing this stuff.


And some onions.


I cleaned up all the veggies with the help of my friends Joe and Sophie-Helen


Here’s all the ingredients laid out.  I grabbed some corn and tomatoes from the store as the ones in my garden are not ready yet.  Also some black beans from trader joes.


Starting out with a tomato base.   Chop them up.


Throw them into a big bowl.


Cilantro next.  rinse it off.


Chop up a bunch into smaller pieces.


throw it in with the tomatoes.


Next the chives.   Chop them up and throw them in.


Now for the onion.  Chopped up a couple of onions.


and throw them in the mix.


Ok, you want to get your corn blackening at this point.  Fire up the grill on high and just lay them on it.


Turn them every 3-4 minutes or so until you get the nice blackened color all around.   Then set them aside and let it cool down a bit.


Now the garlic.  This is the first harvest of my garlic and it is so good.


It tastes so fresh and amazing.   I grabbed 4 cloves and diced them up


once its all minced up, throw it in the mix.


OK, when the corn is cooled down cut if off the cob with your knife


also grab a couple of cans of black beans and rinse and drain them.


and we throw it all in the mix and stir


add lime juice from half a large lime


and add salt and pepper to taste.  It didn’t need much.


And now for the competition.    Setting my my presentation here.


YES, I have an iPad as part of my multimedia presentation.  YES I’m a huge nerd.  But everyone really liked that and I got compliments on it and my photos, so that was nice.  Thanks to my wife for letting me steal borrow her iPad.


Here are some other tables.  Very nice layout.


I liked this framed Grandma’s salsa


Here was another salsa that was very unique and really tasty.   I liked this one a lot.   Very spicy, but very good.  I”m going to make this.


The wild west fest has some great characters


and some fun entertainment


I got a lot of votes from the various tasters coming through, but right as I ran out of salsa (it was very popular), someone came by and told me, “oh your out of salsa?  Did you save any for the judges?”

WHAT???  Doh!

That did not bode well for my strategy, and thus I did not win this year.


But I had a fun time.  Much like this kid who is so happy with with his cotton candy.


and this kid was enjoying chasing the peacocks around.

Overall it was a fun event, and next year I will be back to own this salsa competition.


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The Salsa Contest

May 22, 2010 by


You may have seen the salsa I made the other day.  That was for a salsa contest I entered at a local festival in town.   It was The Wild West Fest and they had cowboys running around, a bull for the children to ride, ponies and the whole deal.  The salsa contest sounded fun so I joined.


The festival was a lot of fun and the salsa competition was a blast.   Everyone was so nice and we had so much fun.


Here is my salsa area.   Notice the Americana motif.  Splurged a little at the dollar store for those.


Here is my salsa and the samples out for everyone to take.  Everyone seemed to like it.


The local Mexican restaurants also donated their salsa’s to the event.


They had a very cute bluegrass trio.  They played some great tunes and were a lot of fun.


Cowboy walking through


They also put on shows during the festival with big gun shootouts.


The event was at the Leo Carrillo park and it was a lot of fun.  I had never been there before or even knew it existed.


And for some reason this park had wild peacocks running all over


These are weird and beautiful looking birds and they were everywhere!


Alas, even with my determined face, I did not win the salsa competition, but many many people came back and said they really liked my salsa and that was all I needed to hear.

Here are some things I learned about a salsa competition:

  1. Don’t put “fire” in the name of your salsa.  It scares people away.  Mine was spicy, but not crazy hot
  2. Go before the guy who has the hottest salsa ever made.  Basically he liquefied some crazy Indian peppers that are 10 times hotter than a habanero pepper.  You want to go before that guy.  If you go after that guy, everyone can’t taste anything and they are still crying from the pain.
  3. They are a lot of fun.  I’m totally going to do this again.


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Fire and Ice Salsa

May 16, 2010 by

IMG_8739 I am making 2 gallons of salsa right now.  That is A LOT of salsa I’ve come to find out.  I have entered a salsa competition at the Wild West Fest in Carlsbad tomorrow.

I have never been in a salsa competition before.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  But I’m having a ton of fun doing it.

Salsa is one of those easy things to make.  You really just get a bunch of onions, peppers, tomatoes and mix them all together.  Its a little of this, little of that, no wrong-way to do it kind of recipe.

I’m just taking some of my favorite ingredients from different salsa recipes and throwing them all together to make some award winning (hopefully)  Salsa.


Lets get started

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