How I made $1350 by asking for it

Nov 1, 2010 by

Money! How’s that for a spam-alicious title huh?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a money making get rich scheme.  Its a stop wasting your money scheme.

Stop wasting your money buying cheap crap that you throw away when it inevitably breaks (because its cheap!).

I’m very guilty of this habit.  I buy cheap crap because its on sale (who doesn’t love a sale?) and then it breaks an hour/day/week later and I’m pissed and it ends up in the trash.   This is a horrible cycle that not only wastes my money on the cheap product but on the manufacturing of said product in who knows what country, with who knows what quality of materials etc and then of course sits in our landfills.

That all said, I’m trying to buy better quality products that are made by companies I want to support because of how they both make their products and stand behind them.

So here’s what happened recently and how I made all that money.

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